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Tales from Pets in Space

Science Fiction Romance plus pets - Tales from Pets in Space Books

Pets in Space 7 has left the galaxy. While you wait for Pets in Space 8**, you can still read fabulous science fiction romance goodness—plus pets! Here are some previous tales from Pets in Space® that you can enjoy right now.

Star Cruise: Songbird
by Veronica Scott
(from Pets in Space 2)

Ex-space marine Grant Barton, new security officer for the Nebula Zephyr He isn’t sure he and his ex-military war bird Valkyr are cruise ship material. His job is complicated by his attraction to the interstellar singer he is assigned to protect. Singing sensation Karissa Dawnstar thinks he’s sexy, but she’s distracted by trouble from a sleazy manager and an obsessed fan. Can Grant and Karissa find a way to make beautiful music together? ▸▸ Get this story

Fox HuntFox Hunt
by Carysa Lock
(from Pets in Space 1; formerly titled Escape Run)

Teegan takes jobs no other Hunters want: tracking down the Talented driven insane by their gifts. She and her bond-mate, Ember – a psychic fox – have tracked dozens of people for Cole, the man who works to rehabilitate and recover these troubled souls. But when one of his most dangerous patients escapes, the Hunt may prove deadly for not only Teegan and Ember, but a whole planet’s population. Teegan prefers to work alone, but Cole is as stubborn as he is distracting. And distraction could get them killed. ▸▸ Get this story.

A Grim PetA Grim Pet
by M. K. Eidem
(from Pets in Space 2)

A tale from the Tornians universe. Young Carly and Miki find an injured bird in the garden. Remembering their father’s stories of The Great Raptor, the younglings care for the fearsome and deadly creature. Their simple act of faith and kindness may mean little… or have far-reaching consequences for the Tornian world. ▸▸ Get this story

by Alexis Glynn Latner
(from Pets in Space 1)

When frantic preparations for a deep-space rescue mission are threatened by sabotage, the young roboticist Ten Jaxdown has to deploy and possibly sacrifice the swarm of investigative robots he invented and cares for more than anything else. But the intrepid young electrical engineer Anastasia Steed has an idea to improve the odds. Can a pet from space help two hurting people? ▸▸ Get this story

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