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Celebrate Space Pets Week!

Celebrate Space Pets Week With the Pets of Pets in Space 7!

It’s Space Pets Week! How silly of calendar makers to omit this important celebration! But don’t worry, Pets in Space has you covered.

Ever meet an a bioengineered mole? A legendary stone dragon? A giant hound who thinks she’s a lapdog? Soon you can, in PETS IN SPACE 7!

Wynter and the Stone Dragon

Series: The Rings of Power

by S.E. Smith

When Pow-Pow was a defenseless young dragon, a young alien child rescued him from certain death by bringing him through a portal to her home. He loved going with Wynter on new adventures, especially the one where they saved the father of Khalid, of a boy who would someday be king. Pow-Pow knew long before they did that they belonged together, because legendary stone dragons the size of a small jet are very smart.

Death Angel

Series: After the Fall

by Kyndra Hatch

The luckiest of the intelligent moghas, sometimes called hellhounds, can form telepathic bonds with the Korth, such as young S’rch has done with the brave and loyal captain T’ren. Unfortunately, the Mogha homeworld was willfully destroyed by a human terraforming operation. The mogha D’rrie is deeply resentful to discover she might be able to bond with humans. Such as the woman Captain T’ren and the sentient ship, Galaxy, rescue from a long-lost lifeboat. D’rrie faces an impossible choice: enjoy a lifetime of companionship or exact richly deserved revenge.

Myra’s Big Mistake

The Kimura Sisters

by S.J. Pajonas

Humans with animal translation chips can bond with a genetically enhanced pet. Myra is thrilled to bond with Mochi, and adores the domesticated skunk from the tip of his pink snout to the white-striped end of his fluffy tail. Mochi loves people and pets, but Myra holds his heart. He wishes she’d she’d realize that handsome casino manager Nosuké’s first glance and last look are always at Myra. Mochi will have to work with Ringo, Nosuké’s bonded pet raccoon, to get their respective partners to see the light.

Liquid Courage

by Winnie Winkle

The oceans of the world are Floog the octopus’s playground. He doesn’t think much of the silly land-dwelling humans, but he makes an exception for Morgan, a sea witch who used her considerable powers to protect all underwater lifeforms. Which makes her the perfect person to call when Floog discovers an alien ship scooping them up. Insatiably curious Floog wants to know why, and whether the clever captive Tony is a worthy mate for Morgen. If anyone is up for saving the day, it’s Floog.

Alien Abduction for Unicorns

The Intergalactic Guide to Humans

by Skye MacKinnon

Stabhorns, otherwise known as unicorns, are rightfully treated with wary respect throughout the known galaxy… except on Earth. Bruin, a down-on-his-luck male from Allopo, and An’tia, a tall, azure-eyed unicorn, are to the backward planet to find out why. An’tia is pleased to be along for the ride, as she needs more adoring subjects to groom her daily and decorate her glorious mane with ribbons. Plus, that well-meaning Bruin deserves a soulmate, and An’tia knows just where to find her. Tara, tour guide from Scotland, will surely be thrilled to give up her world to come with them, won’t she?


by R.J. Blain

Pandora the space fox is ten pounds of red fluff, genetically manipulated intelligence, and lively companionship all rolled into one. She loves her job helping her almost-human partner, Viva, hunt valuable salvage in the deep reaches of space. Especially when they have living cargo in the form of a man named Delta. He offers treats. Derelict ships are the best! This one might bring a king’s treasure… or a galaxy’s worth of trouble.

Desert Flame

by JC Hay

Predatory flying reptile Erkorath knows her form—ebony scales, fluffy crest, sharp beak, and eyeless skull— disconcerts most humanoids. Fortunately, she’s bonded with Kal, a big Malebrank male whose fighting skills can be equally disconcerting. They’re going to need all their skills to protect archeologist Cerri from the worst that the planet can offer. Trouble is, she doesn’t think she needs their help, even when people from Kal’s past show up with violence on their mind.

Cyborg Rider

Cyborgs on Mars

by Honey Phillips

Eglantine—Eggie to her friends—is a bioengineered mole. She’s well-suited to thrive on low-oxygen, very cold Mars. Her favorite human is Sadie, the woman who designed her and her brothers and sisters to help humans terraform the red planet for habitation. Eggie also loves her goggles that protect her eyes and see intriguing new things… like the grumpy giant cyborg man named Zeb and his bio-robotic horse. Eggie is up for any adventure that involves them, even when it involves a tumble into a hidden cavern. Looks like her skills at moving Martian soil might come in handy…

Written in the Stars

by Leslie Chase

Nebula knows she’s special. After all, she’s a cat with wings. Nebula doesn’t care that no one knows where she came from. She knows she’s special—she’s a cat with wings. Plus, her adopted human, bookstore owner Megan, has fitted her with a meow-to-speech translator that means requests for food, petting, and toys are clearly understood. And even better, the alien male bounty hunter, Drask, appreciates both Nebula’s mighty warrior skills and brave Megan’s cleverness when they’re caught in a space station gang war.

Healer Heart

Telepathic Space Pirates

by Carysa Locke

Rasa is a kith, an alien race of intelligent felines with invisibility skills that has allied with the human pirates, who have telepathic gifts. Rasa is life-bonded to the Talented child human prodigy, but finds the adults around her equally fascinating. They need his help. Especially the biokinetic healer Nayla, is spinning away from the telekinetic assassin Ari as fast as he’s sidling toward her. In Rasa’s opinion, humans make mating dances unnecessarily complicated.

Rhea’s Conundrum

A Baga Shores Romance

by Candace Colt

Alika is a black cat who is bound to human witch Rhea by magic. When he tells her they’ve accidentally transported to an alien spaceship, she doesn’t believe him. Typical. He is an expert in everything, especially sci-fi movies, and he knows an alien spaceship when he sees one.For all that Nikkto looks like a miniature winged goat, he’s actually a Umilin stowaway on C’tloc’s ship. He can’t speak to the gentle alien male, but he’s delighted to communicate with the furry feline Alika. Their respective bipedal companions seem to be making a mess of things, especially their budding relationship. And they’ll need all hands on deck when the ship’s engine takes a turn for the worse.

An Entanglement of Griffins

Central Galactic Concordance

by Carol Van Natta

Griffins are cute, genetically engineered creatures with four legs and a tail, and a bird-like head. They were bred to be ornamental companions to the wealthy. Griffins from Nova Nine, however, are another breed altogether. Rock griffin Flecken longs for adventure, but he doesn’t want to lose the connection to his griffin nest mates. When they all vanish, he’ll use all his talents to help bring them home. Luckily, he’s got determined Lark, who orchestrated the rescue of the Nova Nine griffins, and Pim, a space pirate with hidden talents, on his side. The thieves won’t know what hit them by the time he’s done with them.

Marked Mate

Interstellar Brides Program

by Grace Goodwin

Lilah, a young and enthusiastic Bull Mastiff, has no idea she was bred to be 200 pounds of war hound. All she wants is people to play with her and let her sit on their laps. Her owner Rebecca doesn’t even mind how much she drools. The muscular male who thinks Rebecca will back down when there’s a fight could be a good play companion if only he’d quit talking about a alien outlaw and just throw the ball!




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