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Celebrate Pet Day with Romances

Celebrate Pet Day with Science Fiction Romance plus pets

Honor your pets on National Pet Day 🐾 💖

For National Pet Day, why not celebrate with some science fiction romance stories with pets! Show your pets you love them by reading out loud to them. Then promise them you’ll do it again when Pets in Space 7 arrives later this year. 

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cover of Hunter by Anna Hackett

Desert Hunter

by Anna Hackett

(from Pets in Space 3)

Mersi defied the odds to win her freedom and become a desert caravan leader. Life would be perfect if the caravan guard Bren returned her love. Bren has vowed to keep her safe, especially from the most dangerous thing in the desert—himself. When they rescue an alien shaggy canine together, their smoldering desire ignites. A deadly enemy hunts the canine. If Bren unleashes the darkness in him to protect them, will he lose the ones he loves? (Note: This collection also contains Alien Hunter and A Galactic Gladiators Christmas)▸▸ Get this story

Cover of Operation Ark by Pauline Baird Jones

Operation Ark

by Pauline Baird Jones

(from Pets in Space 3)

She’s a USMC Sergeant deployed to the Garradian Galaxy. He was raised by the robots who freed him from slavery. It’s a match made nowhere anyone can figure out. Together they must face a dangerous journey, a lethal enemy with a score to settle, their unexpected desire, and an uncertain future if they make it out alive. Can Caro and Kraye navigate the minefields—both emotional and space based—to land a happy homecoming for the sentient animals in their care? ▸▸ Get this story


Cover for After the Fall by Kyndra Hatch

After the Fall

by Kyndra Hatch

(from Pets in Space 3)

The Earth Council hired Lyra to surveys planet, looking for terraform candidates. When she crashes onto one, she’s rescued by an alien scientist and his furry companions. A’rik of the Korth knows himself to be a failure, not a savior. His unexpected connection with the dangerous human is as perplexing to her as it is to him. Can they negotiate peace—and perhaps something more—before the people who sent Lyra come looking? ▸▸ Get this story


by E.D. Walker

(Originally titled The Bajo Cats of Anteros XII in Pets in Space 3)

Zandro’s single-minded focus on his animal rescue work cost him the love of his life. Aliette threw herself into her career as a space captain to move on. When Zandro needs Aliette’s help to rescue two alien kittens with priceless pheromones, they’re soon in a fight for survival against a ruthless cartel. Can Zandro win a second chance with Aliette, and can she trust him with her heart? ▸▸ Get this story


Farewell, Pets in Space 6

**Yes, there will be a Pets in Space 7. It’s in pre-flight right now.


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