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Pets in Space Loves Hero Dogs

The authors of Pets in Space stories love pets in all their wonderful variations. And we enjoy sharing our science fiction romances with readers. But what we love best is showing our support for the Hero Dogs charity by donating 10% of the preorders and first month’s profits. Pets in Space loves Hero Dogs!

Who Are Hero Dogs?

Hero Dogs raises and trains service dogs for placing with disabled veterans and first responders.

Service dogs are very special beasties. They have to learn to thrive in a world they didn’t create, and reliably do things against their instincts. Ride an escalator. Ignore the jackhammer, the kid offering a bite of hot dog, and the squirrel.

Plus, they have to anticipate obstacles or problems and alert their human companion.

Here’s the shoe you dropped.

Stop — this is the top of the stairs.

The light is green, so we can cross the street.

I’m on the bed because you’re having a bad night. You should take your medicine.

Just like not every human is an opera singer, not every dog is suited for a service dog career. Some are better at encouraging and comforting people in therapy or rehabilitation, and some want to be friends with every patient in the facility. Hero Dogs places dogs where they’ll be happy. Read more about their programs here.

Why Pets in Space Loves Hero Dogs

Pets in Space has 11 stories for you listed on the cover for Pets in Space 6When Hero Dogs pairs an animal with a human, they continue working with them both, training them to be a team. Together, they independence for the disabled veteran or first responder and improve quality of life.

This is why we love Hero Dogs and its mission. To date, Pets in Space has proudly donated more than $5,000 to this fantastic organization.

When you buy Pets in Space, you’re helping with this mission, too.

Thank you!

P.S. Already have your copy of Pets in Space 6 preordered? Please do us a favor and tell your family and friends about the anthology and the mission it supports. Good karma all around. 💖

Pets in Space Loves Hero Dogs


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