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Stranded on Grzbt

Far Stars Universe

By Melisse Aires

From Pets in Space 6

Stranded on Grzbt

Scifi Romance with Love, Passion, Adventure and No Gore!

Abducted from Wichita by gross, stinky space worms, three women and a teenager spend months in a cage, their only friend a tiny trunk-nosed alien animal, Velvet.

Unexpectedly freed from captivity by a dock accident, the four have to find a way to survive on a busy space dock. They don’t know the language, have no one to help them, and don’t know how long they can stay in the small spaceship. Slavers might kidnap them at any time. But they know things are always better with a little money.

Mimi has the great idea to busk for alien money cubes. They work on a few common Christmas Carols, devise costumes, and head to a large, alien city.

Kyre Valryssian accompanies his family to an outdoor restaurant on the resort planet Fera. To their shock, they hear their private family language, English, sung by women in the park! Bridge Officer Kyre must investigate, because Earth is not a planet with interstellar travel.

Originally published in the Pets in Space 6 Anthology.

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