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A Barbarians of the Sand Planet Novella

By Tana Stone

From Pets in Space 8


If Tegan has any hope of impressing the bounty hunters she works for, she has to stay away from temptations like the hot Dothvek warrior named Zaandr. The only problem is, he’s her only chance of getting out of the Den of Thieves alive.

When Tegan takes a job as a midwife for the galaxy’s only all-female bounty hunting crew, she thinks the job will be easy. Deliver some babies, make some money, repeat. She doesn’t expect to make an unscheduled stop on the deadly planet that’s home to the notorious Den of Thieves. But she needs supplies, and she’s assigned two brawny Dothvek warriors to protect her, not to mention the ship’s shapeshifting pet glurkin, Pog. What could go wrong?

When one of the warriors vanishes, she and Zaandr must team up to find him and avoid being captured themselves. It might have been simple to avoid the Dothvek male on the ship, but it’s not so easy when they’re hiding out in a pleasure house. Not to mention the fact that she’s starting to wonder why she’s been resisting such a yummy temptation in the first place.

Originally published in the Pets in Space 8 Anthology.

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