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Nothing Remotely Familiar

My Crazy Alien Romance Series

By Donna McDonald

From Pets in Space 4

Nothing Remotely Familiar

Nothing about Topper’s life is remotely familiar anymore.

Topper never expected her mating an alien would net her a teenage witch in just a few, short years. If the Fates weren’t having enough fun at her expense, she is pregnant again—with a son who has inherited his father’s flare for ice! Unfortunately, spontaneous ice in the desert and her wanting to wear fur has begun to draw the wrong kind of attention to her beloved town.

Luck being what it is—especially when the Fates are involved—the day before departure their daughter, Jessica, gets assigned her first witch Familiar. Before Topper can unravel what stinks about the situation, Jessica bonds with the legendary fanged-tooth koala.

Their trip to Glacier is about to get very interesting! Can Topper get to the bottom of Koala Kevin while trying to keep peace with her daughter and soothe her soon-to-be-born son? She will need all the help she can get from a very special Goddess to accomplish this miracle.

NOTE: This story has been expanded and is part of the Magic, New Mexico shared universe.

Originally published in the Pets in Space 4 Anthology.

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