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Devil in the Details

A Malebranki Diaspora Novella

By JC Hay

From Pets in Space 8

Devil in the Details

For years, Bryony LeClerc had been chasing bounties in the hope that one would lead her closer to her goal: kill the Malebranki crime lord who murdered her sister. When she seduces and arrests the Red Widow’s top enforcer, she finally has her chance—until he reveals that he’s an undercover agent that she must set free.

Lorcan Orzoth has spent the last two years undercover, working to break down the Red Widow’s syndicate to no avail, when his accidental arrest threatens to undo all his progress. But the short, foul-tempered, Terran bounty hunter may be just the opportunity he needs, assuming he’s willing to give her up.

Pitted against drug-runners, pirates, an irascible felyx, and their own growing attraction, the pair must decide who they can trust—and what they’re willing sacrifice—to get what they want. And just maybe, find a future that has room for them both.

Originally published in the Pets in Space 8 Anthology.

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