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Cosmic Capers

A Coletti Warlords Novella

By Gail Koger

From Pets in Space 8

Cosmic Capers

The only things standing between the vulnerable galaxy and murderous aliens are a kickass psychic, the hot Coletti warrior she wants more than chocolate, and an invisible pet. Too bad their only weapon is a cowardly, oversexed witch who wants to be a showgirl.

Casey is one of the infamous Jones girls, with enough psychic powers to move a mountain, or kill lots of vicious aliens who viewed human brains as edible delicacies. She is days, hours, and minutes away (not that she’s counting) from being able to claim her soul mate. Unfortunately, she’s currently stuck babysitting a hot mess of a fearful witch who would rather be a showgirl than the deadly weapon that the Earth alliance is counting on.

Coletti War Commander Hothar is done with the hunt-and-kill assignment that took him lightyears from Earth and the family he has vowed to protect. Especially the one family member who he can’t get off his mind. He hadn’t planned on their reunion being derailed by having to serve as bodyguard to a crazy, unpredictable witch who is tap-dancing on his last nerve.

A tactical raid on a cargo ship to rescue the crew from deadly alien critters gets Casey a new invisible pet named Hitch. He helps them infiltrate the brain-eating aliens base, and shows them just how deadly he can be. Can Hothar and Casey keep the witch upright long enough to save the galaxy? Only time will tell.

Originally published in the Pets in Space 8 Anthology.

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