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An Entanglement of Griffins

By Carol Van Natta

From Pets in Space 7

An Entanglement of Griffins

She gave up interstellar trading to run a sanctuary for genetically-engineered griffins. He’s a space pirate sent by a friend to handle trouble. To save the sanctuary, they’ll have to risk everything.


Former space trader and new property owner Lark Sutrio suspects incidents at her sanctuary for valuable genetically engineered griffins aren’t accidents. Not knowing who to trust, she asks old friends for help. Before it arrives, someone raids her shelter and shoots her flitter out of the sky, leaving her for dead.


Space pirate Pim Okaansson is glad to do a favor for a childhood friend, even if he’s never actually lived on a planet surface before. He expects to have to hide his origins. He doesn’t expect a brazen theft, or be threatened by the woman and griffins he’s come to help.


Lark gratefully accepts Pim’s assistance in repairing the shelter, but can’t imagine how the kind, sexy man can help find her stolen griffins, or wants to know she might be falling for him. Pim’s instincts say more trouble is looming for the intriguing, courageous Lark and her few remaining griffins. He wants to protect them, but he’ll have to reveal secrets that could get them both locked up for good.  


When Lark and Pim become the prime suspects in a grand-scale larceny, will they risk their freedom—and their hearts—to prove their innocence and save the sanctuary?

Originally published in the Pets in Space 7 Anthology.

This title is no longer for sale.

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