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A Mate For Matrix: Cyborg Protection Unit

From Pets in Space 1

A genetically-engineered creature’s escape leads an elite Zion military warrior and his cyborg wolfhound partner to Earth, and to the warrior’s surprisingly feisty life-mate.

Pearl’s Dragon

From Pets in Space 2

An old dragon warrior unexpectedly finds love with a human mate who is as creative and clever as she is dangerous — a perfect combination when poachers attack.

Heart of the Cat

From Pets in Space 3

Can love bridge the gap between a wounded alien warrior and the reclusive human woman who holds the future of his species inside her?

Madas’s Falling Star

From Pets in Space 4

A mission meant to steal a spaceship develops into something completely different—a battle for love!

The King’s Quest

From Pets in Space 5

A quest to save his world leads a King to a Goddess