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The Real Dragon

From Pets in Space 1

The fate of the Earth, or at least ten square miles of Texas, depend on a woman, her talking dragon, and the man she loves – if only she could remember who he was.

Time Trap

From Pets in Space 2

A time traveling rebel and her parrot partner find themselves in a race against time and in hot water when they fall into the arms of a man who ignites a fire inside her.

Operation Ark

From Pets in Space 3

She used to be a by-the-book USMC Sergeant. He’s never owned a book. Can an unusual pet bring these two together in time to save lives and complete their mission?

Cyborg’s Revenge

From Pets in Space 4

A cyborg hides the secret to freedom deep inside her, while the cyborg she loves searches for a way to defeat their old Master.

General’s Holiday

From Pets in Space 5

A General wanting an adventure gets more than he bargains for when a lady with a pet frog asks for help.