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Carol Van Natta

Learn more about Pets in Space author, Carol Van Natta.

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Stories by Carol Van Natta

Pet Trade

From Pets in Space 2

A cargo of designer pets forces a damaged veterinarian and a fugitive elite forces veteran to work together to protect the animals from greedy mercenaries.

Cats of War

From Pets in Space 3

A disgraced military Sub-Captain, a repair technician with secrets, and two special cats must save the day when trouble erupts at an important factory.

Galactic Search and Rescue

From Pets in Space 5

When an earthquake shakes up a nearby world, can two star-crossed rescuers save an entire community… and each other?

Escape from Nova Nine

From Pets in Space 6

In a dangerous asteroid mine, space griffins may be the key to escape for a pirate clanswoman with vital secrets and a wanted fugitive with enemies hot on his tail.

An Entanglement of Griffins

From Pets in Space 7

She’s an ex-space trader with a shelter for genetically-engineered pets. He’s a space pirate sent to help when trouble arises. It’ll take everything they’ve got to save the pets and find love.

Stellar Drift

From Pets in Space 8

A missing-in-action military pilot, her rescued pet, and a dedicated forest ranger race to find the source of a deadly disease that a violent gang thinks will make them rich.

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