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Music to your ears!

At Pets in Space Central, music brightens our days and puts a spring in our step.

While you’re waiting for Pets in Space 8 to teleport to your ereader, why not listen to the Official Pets in Space 8 playlist? Look below for the official list and notes from the authors about why they chose their song.

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Tilli’s Second Chance by S.J. Pajonas

The Less I Know The Better
Tame Impala
Listen here

This was an easy choice for Tilli’s Second Choice. I love Tame Impala’s funky beats and downtempo vocals. But the title of the song “The Less I Know The Better” fits the story perfectly! For Tilli, the less she knows about Kaito’s involvement in her past, the better. For sure. Until it’s all revealed, that is…

Stellar Drift by Carol Van Natta

Walk Through This World
Marc Cohn
Listen here

In Stellar Drift, missing-in-action pilot Sairy and forest ranger Houyen feel the spark of attraction, but each believes they can’t act on it. That their circumstances—and secrets—will keep them apart. It takes courage to imagi

Small Acts of Intergalactic Rebellion by Elva Birch

Goo Goo Dolls
Listen here

I picked this song for my story because it has a haunting sense of longing. Small Acts of Intergalactic Rebellion is about finding a sense of self in a world that doesn’t encourage individuality, trust, or affection. Tanadara and Samath have shared secrets that give them each a foothold in the other one’s soul, and both of them are willing to sacrifice for the things they learn to love. Both of them long for someone to see them as they are.

The Alien’s Falconer by Skye MacKinnon & Arizona Tape

You And Your Parrot
The Muffs
Listen here

This fun tune is from Ellabee’s point of view and captures more of the playful vibe of the book.

Listen here

This song is from Georgia’s point of view and fits the theme of loneliness and feeling isolated and then having that someone who makes you feel seen.

Experimental Voyage by R.J. Blain

It’s My Life
Bon Jovi
Listen here

For Camellia, the heroine of Experimental Voyage, giving up is simply not an option. As such, her theme song is “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi. If you want a bonus track, go listen to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” which is a close second.

Her Cyborg Lumberjack by Susan Hayes

Ain’t No Sunshine
Written by: Bill Withers / Performed by: Geoff Castellucci
Listen here

Axe is a cyborg with a heart full of shadows. When Rin comes into his life, her sunny smile and cheerful ways turn Axe’s world upside-down and fill his heart full of sunshine. I chose this version of the song because I love Geoff Castellucci’s amazing vocals.

Rescue by Tana Stone

Choose Your Fighter
Ava Max
Listen here

This upbeat song fits Pog because it talks about being whatever you want, and since he’s a shapeshifting creature, he can be literally whatever he wants to be at any given time. Plus, it’s upbeat and fits the adventurous tone of the novella.

Cosmic Capers by Gail Koger

I Am Woman
Helen Reddy
Listen here

Casey, the heroine of Cosmic Capers, sings—or mangles— the song when confronting the deadliest villain in the galaxy. She give the song new words: “We are women. We are strong. We are invincible. No nasty ass alien is gonna keep us down.”

Devil in the Details by JC Hay

Red Right Hand
Nick Cave
Listen here

My song for Devil in the Details is PJ Harvey’s cover of the Nick Cave classic “Red Right Hand.” For me, this song has always been associated with crime (for its use in Peaky Blinders) and Devils (from its use in the movie Hellboy). PJ Harvey’s version, though, goes slow and mournful, carrying a pain and sadness in place of Nick Cave’s menace, and that put this cover in my rotation for the whole of writing the story.

The Cyborg Way by Honey Phillips

Holding Out For a Hero
Bonnie Tyler
Listen here

I chose this because so much of the imagery in this song relates back to Levi — he’s fast and strong and larger than life. Not to mention riding in on a fiery steed! And of course, Ellie can use a hero — not to rescue her from an enemy, but from the perils of loneliness.

Shattered Echoes by Carysa Locke

Till I See You Again
Listen here

This song perfectly captures the feeling of Iona’s lost memories as she fights her way back to discovering both who she is to herself, and to Zephyr. Also, it’s stunning and listening to it feels like going on an emotional journey.

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